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Diapers for cat with bowel disease?

: 13 kwie 2018, 11:42
autor: DanielBaker
Hello everyone,

Our 14 year old cat has some sort of bowel issue. We took her to the vet over a year ago and sunk a lot of money into finding out what was wrong with her and got few answers. The vet said it was either bowel disease or cancer. She said if it were cancer she would begin to get very sick within 6 months; it's been over a year so we're beginning to assume she has some sort of bowel problem. Basically, the cat has diarrhea all the time. She can go anywhere from 3-6 times a day and it smells awful. Sometimes she can't make it to the litter box and has accidents on the carpet and just about anywhere else. Other than this issue she is a very happy cat, she doesn't appear to have any other health issues. . The vet gave us pills to give her that are supposed to harden her stool but they don't do anything. Also i have seen some [(...) Then I noticed on some site that there are diapers for pets...The idea seems ridiculous at first glance but in a situation like this they seem very reasonable. My question is: Would products like these be worthwhile to a cat with this problem? Does anyone has any suggestions or experience they could share?

Any help appreciated!!!!

Thank you.

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Re: Diapers for cat with bowel disease?

: 13 kwie 2018, 13:31
autor: Luinloth
I know one person who cares for disabled cats, some of whom cannot control their bowel/bladder voiding. She just buys "regular" diapers for human babies (small size) which are much cheaper, only adjusts them to accommodate tails :)

Re: Diapers for cat with bowel disease?

: 13 kwie 2018, 15:50
autor: yamaha
:-? Mnie to pachnie reklama blog'a :-/////

Re: Diapers for cat with bowel disease?

: 14 kwie 2018, 02:07
autor: Miss_Monroe
Dziewczyny, proszę nie odpowiadajcie na spamy, tylko zgłaszajcie Nam takie posty gdy je zauważycie :kwiatek: Wątek zostanie usunięty wraz z autorem.